white tea shot recipe alcohol

This white tea shot recipe is a recipe for a drink that will do your body, mind, and soul good.

The recipe itself is a simple one. You basically start by steeping the tea in a pot of alcohol. Then you have to add a shot of vodka into the mixture. It goes downhill from there.

It is a good idea to always have a shot of vodka handy. People often forget how much alcohol can affect their body. The effects are quite varied and depend heavily on the type of alcohol you use. For example, vodka and vodka based drinks can cause stomach cramps, hangovers, and even heart attacks. However, if you have consumed a shot of wine and/or champagne before, it will do you much better than vodka and vodka based drinks.

The drink itself is quite easy to make. You can easily make a shot of vodka by diluting a glass of vodka with a glass of water.

You could also make a drink with a shot of tequila. Tequila is a clear, colorless, non-alcoholic, and very safe drink that has no discernible taste. Most people can usually tell the difference between tequila and vodka.

It is easy to make a drink with tequila. In fact, you can get the ingredients in the ingredient list in the description of the recipe.

It is recommended that you wear a face mask while making these drinks. This is because the alcohol is very volatile and can easily leak out of your mouth if you don’t use a mask.

It’s an easy drink. Just make a shot of tequila, mix in with a soda or club soda, and enjoy. That’s about all there is to it. And it’s safe. You can drink tequila without wearing a mask or getting sick. The only risk is the possibility of ingesting other toxic substances in the drink.

The good news is that this recipe only needs tequila and club soda to be effective, so it is fairly easy to make. The bad news is that people who don’t have tequila or club soda have to make it with vodka, rum, or whiskey.

If you make it with vodka, it’ll be easier to keep track of because vodka is so much more concentrated than tequila. For the record, I prefer vodka, but you can drink all you want.

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