whiskey and sweet tea

Whiskey and Sweet Tea is an excellent and simple way to start the day, or the weekend, or the week. We are constantly in need of a little boost of energy and a big cup of tea. This recipe is a great way to easily use it and can be adapted to many different tastes.

This drink is a good starting point for a new drinker or anyone who enjoys a good cup of tea. The key is in using black tea, which will go well with whiskey. The recipe I use is a very simple one, but if you want to be extra fancy, you can add a shot of raspberry syrup.

This recipe is simple. You can find a good black tea bag at any grocery store. Add about half a cup of boiling water, stir it up, and let it steep for about 20 minutes. Then stir in a little of the raspberry syrup. If you want to add more syrup, just double the recipe. This drink is great for morning, before work, or in the evening.

There’s also a great recipe for chocolate tea that works great as well. It’s a simple recipe that needs to keep your tea cool, and it also doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Just let it steep and drink it warm or cold.

The thing you should know about chocolate tea is that it can turn your tea into a chocolate treat. The more chocolate you add to the drink, the more you can have your tea taste good. I actually found it to be the best part of this tea.

Its so simple but it gets better with time. The more you drink, the more you can get your daily dose of chocolate.

My favorite tea right now is just drinking the tea. Its so simple and it tastes so good.

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