what kind of tea do the english drink

The question is, what kind of tea do the English drink? I’m not talking about a tea made from tea leaves, but rather the type of tea that is made by the tea plant. Tea leaves are the only plant in the world that can be used for making tea. There are different varieties of tea plants, but one of the most popular is Camellia sinensis.

The other type of tea is the leaf. Leaves are the main part of the tea plant and they can be made into different types of tea. You can see why it can be difficult to choose a type of tea that is right for you. Some of the most popular tea types are black, green, oolong, and pu-erh.

That is why it is so important to choose an appropriate tea. When you are choosing your tea, you should consider the type that is right for you, but you should also focus on how it will taste.

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet, so you can imagine the amount of research that goes into the tea plants. The tea plants can be found in all around the world, for example in China they grow tea in their province of Shandong. We’re talking about a plant that is cultivated around the world and has been for thousands of years. It’s basically the same kind of thing you use to make tea.

The reason for the tea’s popularity is because of the fact that many people drink tea at home. Most people do not know that tea is a great drink, so they won’t have that chance. The reason for this popularity is because it is usually a bit of a challenge to get the drink to their drinking-cup.

How tea is grown in China is an interesting topic in itself. Many people think that tea is grown in the mountains where the sun and wind can do some of the work. What is actually done to make tea is not really what is talked about, but what the plants are doing to get along and grow.

The other reason tea is such a great drink in China is because it’s always a bit of an inconvenience. While the Chinese drink traditionally consists of something similar to a tea, the English drink is generally more appealing, especially when I’m using it on the way to a bar. You may think that English drinking isn’t a great idea. It’s a much better idea.

How about if I get my drink at some point in the morning. I think I’ll get a chance to go to a party once and get a chance to get some tea. I’ll take an extra cup of tea so I can get some tea.

The English don’t drink tea because of tradition. They don’t drink tea because they enjoy tea. They drink tea to stop drinking wine. They drink tea to stop drinking beer. They drink tea because it tastes great. They drink tea because they dont want to be sick. They drink tea because they dont want to get fat.

I’m not sure tea is really a “traditional” drink. It’s not even clear what an “English” drink is. It’s certainly not the type of drink you’re more likely to have in your house than a cup of English Breakfast tea.

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