tea strainer ball

I first heard about a tea strainer ball in an episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” The show was about the characters trying to break a habit.

Tea strainer balls are a great way to keep the tea in the pot cold. They don’t really seem to work on non-tea-based drinks. But I’m also fond of that idea.

The tea strainer ball is a tea strainer that you can set over a pot of boiling water in order to keep the tea hot. The strainer allows you to use your hands to stir the hot tea and allows you to remove as much of the tea as you want from the pot. This may sound like a lame idea, but it is a cool idea.

Another great idea is to set your strainer over a pot of boiling water that has been sitting for a few minutes without the water boiling. In this way you can use your hands to stir the hot water without the steeping and still have the tea at the same time.

A pot of boiling water is one of the most important parts of the whole process of making tea. The tea must be hot enough to be able to steep without being burned. The strainer helps to keep this hot.

Another cool idea is to set up your strainer over a pot of steaming water.

The water is also called a “dry-water” and it’s used to cook tea in the tea strainer but is still a popular drink, because tea can be used both as a syrup and as a tea.

So this tea strainer is a great invention! It keeps the tea hot and cold at the same time. And it is even possible to make tea without a strainer.

I have never found a tea strainer as cool as this.

As you can imagine, the first thing that happened to Colt to get him killed was the strainer. The strainer was still a cool idea I imagine, but it’s still a joke and one that I will never forget.

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