tea kettles that don’t rust

I love tea kettle’s. I’m a big tea lover, and I always have. I’ve never had one that didn’t rust. I think I’ve had that happen to both the one being used in our kitchen, and the one in the garage. Those tea kettles don’t rust.

Well, you are correct that tea kettles can rust. Even the very best can have a few small flaws. It depends on how well they were made and how long the tea was stored in them. The tea kettles that we use in our kitchen are all hand made and have been stored for months. We use them in our kitchen because they are extremely durable.

I have another tea kettle that I use for storage because it isnt as durable as the tea kettles that we use in our kitchen.

I think you can get a better picture of how well a kettle rusts if you stick it in the fridge overnight.

I like the tea kettles that don’t rust as much. They are made from a much stronger material than the ones that we use. Its also a lot cheaper, and they last longer.

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